Milano Wine Week – 2019

Nunc est bibendum, let us drink!

This has been the motto of the last edition of the Milano Wine Week. After the success of the first edition this year 6 districts of the city have been hosting tastings, masterclasses and forums to spread the wine culture. Many novelties were introduced compared to the 2018 edition, which was defined by the organizers as a general test for the official opening in 2019.

Innovation, confrontation, the opportunity of growing: these keys words led every event during this week. The most important news is the “manifesto of wine generation”: it’s a manifesto that a group of 100 young people working in the wine industry (born in ’80/’90) realized explaining their ideas, projects to make this field growing and growing.

These are the events at which B.Wine participated. 

Cocktail in Villa @ Montelvini

On Sunday 6th of October, our Heads of External relations had the chance to participate in the exclusive event hosted by Montelvini for the opening of the Wine Week. The event took place in the suggestive location of Villa Necchi Campiglio, an iconic decò style villa built in the 30s in the very center of Milan. The elegant location mixed with an exquisite signature dish prepared by chef Eugenio Boer created the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the prestigious lines of Montelvini’s Prosecco Superiore. The location was not randomly chosen: from this summer, Montelvini has become a FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano- supporter through the Corporate Golden Donor membership.

Fatti il tuo blend @ Cantina Urbana

A special edition of “Make Your Blend” was held on Thursday 10 October at Cantina Urbana, the only winery where wine is produced just a short walk from the center of Milan.

After being welcomed by Denis, the cellar master, and after visiting the production area (with alternating barrels in steel, wood and terracotta), I participated in a blending session and a tasting of 4 wines produced in the cellar with chopping board of sliced ​​cold cuts and cheeses. An interesting and fun experience where you can make your wine, according to your taste. If you are curious to find out more about them and taste their wines you can find their super suggestive wine bar in Via Ascanio Sforza.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-11 at 09.03.19

Piemonte Wine Experience

Wine Week’s Thursday night was dedicated to wines from the region of Piedmont, a northern region of Italy, internationally renowned for its native Barolo. But the ‘Piemonte Wine Experience’ tried to emphasize all that the region had to offer other than only its most famous production. The event took place inside the Brian & Berry building and developed on all of its 9 floors with the 9th-floor rooftop hosting the event’s after-party. Each floor of the building presented a different oenological reality of the region and by the time you reached the 7th floor, you could say to have tasted all of what Piedmont had to offer! But once reached the building’s top floor we were able to taste different cocktails that were wine based in the upscale rooftop bar, ending the evening with a final touch of joy.

Merano Wine Festival Preview

In the perfect location, a little piece of MWW is the frame for the first time ever of the intimate and casual atmosphere of a preview of Merano Wine Festival. Here, the long-researched Italian excellences by WineHunter are exposed, one table next to the other, one cellar after the other. Going from north to south, some of the wines chosen and awarded by MWF are on display, and our Wine Expert decides to take a trip through the magnificent corridors of Palazzo Bovara to taste only the best. Starting off with an aromatic “Raif”, a Sauvignon by Castelfeder and “Rotari Flavio TrentoDoc Riserva Brut” -gold medal-, both from Trentino-Alto Adige. Moving then to discover the way Italian wine producers use the Trebbiano grape, by tasting a lovely “Bio Lugana DOP” by Perla del Garda, a sweet and intense “Otten:2 Capriano Del Colle Superiore DOC” by San Michele (both Lombardy) and finally a dry but long-lasting-flavor “Lupinella Bianca Toscana Trebbiano IGT” by Lupinella (Tuscany).

 The trip closes with a velvety and soft “Laus Vitae Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva DOC” by Codice Citra (Abruzzo), definitely a wine perfect for a lovely night.”

Solo Bianco, Vini Piemonte

On Friday, three B.Wine members had the chance of participating in a Wine Masterclass organized by Piemonte Land of Perfection in Palazzo Bovara. The masterclass focused on the white wines of the Piedmont region, allowing our members to discover five grape varieties (Arneis, Cortese, Timorasso, Erbaluce and Nascetta) through the tasting of eleven wines. Three wines were particularly appreciated:  

  • Erbaluce di Caluso 
  • Le Strette Langhe Nascetta del comune di Novello 2015 
  •  Vigneti Massa Montecitorio 2012.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-12 at 19.52.13


Even this year, Milan wine week has been a great success for its organizers and a great opportunity for us to get closer to the amazing world of wine. We are looking forward to the next edition!



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