Left Bank Bordeaux Cup 2017


LBCC: 16 years of history, competitors such as HEC, Oxford and Cambridge students, a competition that has never been more international and challenging with the participation of Universities from Europe, North America and Asia.

The Left Bank Bordeaux Cup has gone from strength to strength and has been acknowledged as the major competition involving Top Business Schools students tested on their performance in multiple choice questionnaires, presentations and blind tastings.

Bocconi Wine Students Culture Club, has been selected to represent Italy in this year’s first tournament held at the Connaught Hotel in London. This semi-final will see the different European Business Schools’ students confronting each other in an open field of Bordeaux wine tastings. B.wine Executive Board Members will face, among all the others, participants from both Oxford University (Royaume-Uni) and Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (Switzerland), which were the only two universities to pass to the final held every year at Château Lafite-Rotschild in June.

This competition will be for our association a golden ticket opening the doors of the finest Bordeux chateux and a great networking opportunity which we firmly hope will enrich the B.wine wineries portfolio.

The wine tasting will be mainly focused on vertical ordering, in which teams are requested to chronologically organize wines starting with the oldest (2000s), and specific written questions about the different terroirs and grapevines.

Is with gratitude that we express our thankfulness to the sponsor of this soon-to-be impressive adventure: Castellare di Castellina.

This winery is qualified as a mainly recognized Italian label based in the heart of the Chianti Classico region (Tuscany), its vineyards occupy 33 hectares with an excellent exposure and a well-drained mixed soil, granting well-structured and intense wines suitable for long ageing in the bottle.

Thanks to a constant funding of PhD researches Castellare di Castellina has carried out experimental vineyards and micro-vinifications in order to re-graft both the Sangioveto and the Malvasia Nera varieties.

As an international awarded winery that has promoted the sensitive Sangioveto vine, Castellare di Castellina has received the “3 Bicchieri” national award from Gambero Rosso and a 2-time entrance inside the 100 Top Wines from the Wine Spectator, demonstrating the validity of its two top-quality wines:

Supported by this established Tuscany winery and with the enrolment in a tailored and massive preparation course held at the WineTip headquarter in Milan, our Senior Associates Massimiliano Ciaramelli, Gustavo Klaebisch, Lorenzo Pagnussat and Maria Viviani will be the Bocconi University delegation in this London first tournament of the LBBC.

The whole association sends them all its support and the best wishes for a successful victory.

Giulia Mazzella & Celeste Di Pietro 




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