Wine Gala

Bwine’s mission is to educate young people about wine and celebrate Italian excellence in this field. Once every two years this quest culminates in the Gala: a formal occasion where the Bwine community looks back at what has been achieved. That is why, on May 3rd, the Bwiners and sponsors came together at Spazio Scalarini to spend an evening in celebration of the last two years’ accomplishments.

The night started with an aperitivo during which Andrea Galanti – Italy’s youngest best sommelier – introduced us to the wines we would be tasting.

The first wine of the dinner was the Ferrari Maximum Brut. A 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine with a brilliant straw yellow color and a remarkably persistent perlage. Thanks to its ability to match with food and its fresh and lively flavor, this wine was an excellent start for a perfect night and it accompanied us throughout the appetizers.

After enjoying the aperitivo and some music, the night officially started. Our guests began taking place in their seats and we had the pleasure to taste the second wine of the night: the Vermentino di Gallura D.O.C.G. Superior Sciala, from Surrau vineyards. This 100% Vermentino white wine comes from Sardinia Island. The selection of the best grapes generates a wine with important structure and intense aromatic features, with a long and persistent soft taste.

Then, we tasted our third wine: Calafuria rosé, from Tormaresca vineyards. This wine, from 100% Negroamaro grapes, has a unique peach petal pink color. Its flavor could be described as fresh and balanced, with strong aromatic persistence. Calafuria comes from Puglia, the peninsula within the peninsula. The region has a long tradition in the production of rosé wines made with Negroamaro, a variety that best expresses its full potential near the sea.

To conclude our wine tasting, we had the opportunity to taste the last wine of the night: Saltner Pinot Nero Doc 2015, from Kellerei Kaltern winery. Its vineyards face slopes that can reach between the 400 and 500 meters above the sea level. This wine, with its brilliant ruby red color and its expressive bouquet of cherries, in the mouth it becomes smooth with fine, elegant tannins. It was the ideal partner for the second plate based on meat.  

During the tasting not only did we have the pleasure to drink great wines but also we had the opportunity to learn how to appreciate them while drinking. Andrea Galanti was the perfect guide during our tasting path. Everyone had to opportunity to appreciate the peculiarities and discover some important feature of each wine.

In the end, the success of the event was certainly linked to the collaboration with two very important sponsors: Grappa Nonino and Vivino.

Founded in 1897, Nonino’s family placed his own distillery in Ronchi di Pavia, starting a new entrepreneurial project. Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and love for the job are the distinctive marks of the company, which is now one of the most famous and appreciated distillery in the country.

The second sponsor, Vivino, is the biggest wine-lovers community worldwide. Created in 2012, Vivino is a mix of a social network and a retailer, known as the “Shazam” of the wine. It is easy to use: you just have to take a picture of the label of your bottle of wine and the site automatically shows you prizes, marks, features and combinations.

The presence of these two sponsors was fundamental for the development of the whole event. Moreover, the possibility to host them at the dinner was not only instructive but also a pleasure.




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