B.Wine Gala 2019



Have you ever wished to be able to sip through some wonderful wine, all dressed up, while seating across the table from the producer, listening to a wine expert’s explanation of what you are drinking? What if all of the previous were to be in a wonderful location, like the breathtaking Castle in Corneliano Bertario? Well, if you answered “yes” to any one of these questions you really missed out on this year’s Wine Gala.

On Tuesday the 30th of April more than one hundred wine enthusiasts like you met up in piazza Sraffa, and from there took our organized transportation to Truccazzano, to discover the recluse beauty of the Castello di Corneliano Bertario. There, they got greeted by an aperitivo in the internal cohort of the castle, matched with a choice between a Fogarina Rosè and Pinot Bianco. After the aperitivo, our wine lovers were led upstairs, in the main hall of the castle, to be introduced to the main guests of the evening, namely our selection of three different wines to match our meal: A white Luccicante, and the red Etichetta Nera and Unique, a Lambrusco Marani. More on those in our Wine Expert Corner, courtesy of our wonderful Andrea Bilato.

After dinner, the dances started, and all the guests met the perfect way we identified to finish off the evening: an open bar of ice-cold Amaro Montenegro, and the delicious, chocolaty and wine-based Caramella TiDo.


GalaPic7Fogarina Rosè, Cantina Sociale Gualtieri:

A bright and sparkling rosè, presenting an intense red fruits fragrance, slightly acid which combined with its characteristics sweetness results in a pleasing and lasting savouriness.


GalaPic8 (2)Weißburgunder, Pinot Bianco DOC, Kaltern:

A brilliant yellow-white from South Tirol, a refreshing nose dominated by pear and apples, juicy and crisp acidity on the finish.



GalaPic5Luccicante, Colline di Levanto Vermentino DOP. Winery: Cà du Ferrà:

A straw yellow with greenish reflections white wine from Liguria, unexpectedly rich aroma, with notes of peach, white fruit, and herbs. Its proximity to the sea makes it impressively and pleasingly sapid.


GalaPic9Bosco Albano Etichetta Nera:

The Refosco based Cuvee is a ruby red wine from Friuli Venezia Giulia, its complex aroma features berries and prunes, its velvety tannins make it soft and warm in the palate a characteristic that combines perfectly with its savoriness and the vanilla notes from the oak aging. 

GalaPic6 (1)Unique, Spumante Brut Rosè Metodo Classico, Medici Ermete:

This special Lambrusco Marani classic method introduces itself with bubbly rose color, red fruit aromas combined with refreshing yeast notes. A low sugar level makes it sharp, fresh yet harmonious.


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As a final Bonus, here are the pictures of the best Dress and Suit, awarded by our Judges!


Federico Pasotti


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