Let’s ReWine It!


With the new regulations shutting down bars and restaurant from 6pm, all we can do is re-living our last and only event of the semester waiting for the time in which we will be allowed again to cheer together. We went back to one of our favourite places to meet and discover new wines, just a few streets from Bocconi. We are talking about Vinodromo, a unique and very nice place that we highly suggest visiting for a nice aperitivo, joining one of their masterclasses or a friendly dinner.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOC by Gregoletto

This Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG is fermented by its own yeast in temperature controlled stainless steel, followed by three months on the fine lees. It is classified as Extra Dry, indicating the residual quantity of sugar in the bottle. Sparkling wines range from Brut to Dry classification according to their sugar levels, with Brut wines being the ones with lower sugar percentage and Dry wines being the ones with higher sugar percentage. Extra dry wines lie in the middle, with sugar grams per bottle ranging between 12 and 17 gr/l.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore by Gregoletto

Appearance: Straw yellow with green tinges, we can notice a dense and fine perlage.

Nose: Overall, the wine is perceived as very fruity and fresh. The most evident aromas consist of white fruits, such as apple and pear, and a slight note of mandarin.

Palate: Medium sweetness, fresh and a small touch of saltiness. Final long and persistent fruity taste.

Not being a huge Prosecco fan, I have to say that this bottle positively surprised me, and I would love to pair it with either raw fish or starters.

Savoie Jacquere AOC by Domaine Dupasquier

This winery, which counts on a tradition of 5 generations of winemakers, is so small and the terroir such that the use of machines is not allowed, hence every operation on the grapes is done by hand. The wine follows a very traditional winemaking process, being left aging for one year in oak barrels.

Savoie Jacquere AOC Domaine Dupasquier

Appearance: Very clear and fluid consistency, lemon colour which is almost transparent.

Nose: strong mineral aroma with a scent of grass

Palate: Good balance between fruitiness and acidity, quite persistent.

Gamba di Pernice, Azienda Agricola Fea

The Calosso DOC is among the smallest denominations in Pidemont, and it is obtained only by the grape variety Gamba di Pernice, also known as Gamba Rossa. It is also the newest among all the denominations of the region. This Gamba di Pernice by Azienda Agricola Fea presents all the typical characteristics of this denomination, with a relatively high alcohol percentage (13.5%) that suggests pairing it with hard aged cheese.

Gamba di Pernice Azienda Agrocola Fea
Gamba di Pernice Azienda Agrocola Fea

Appearance: ruby red with light-medium body

Nose and palate: The most persistent feeling is spiciness, followed by a retro-taste of tannin

We hope you had an amazing night with has and we are looking forward to be able to see you all again!

B.you, B.glad, B.Wine


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