Chianti and Chateau d’Yquiem, a masterclass across France and Italy

On October 28th there was the first masterclass of the year. Wine was discussed first in general and, in the end, wine experts analyzed two “Chianti” wines.

Which wine lover has never wondered how wine is produced, how to taste it and distinguish its characteristics? Precisely those were the topics of the first Masterclass. First of all, as we all can guess, any type of wine needs four fundamental phases for its realization: Harvesting, Crushing of grapes, fermentation and aging; each of these processes makes a wine different from another.

B.Wine Members Enjoying the First Virtual Masterclass

After describing the characteristics that each wine acquires within its own production, the wine expert Andrea Bilato illustrated how to correctly taste wine. It is not limited to the mere beverage, but two other fundamental senses are needed: sight and smell. Focusing on the visual analysis, first we talked about clarity. Clarity can be evaluated on a scale ranging from veiled to brilliant. This last one being almost a light-reflector. Following so, we proceeded to talk about Fluidity. Fluidity can be observed while the wine is poured and decisively, at the same time, it affects the sensation that the wine leaves in the mouth. The color, which goes alongside clarity, is the following aspect we proceed to talk about. When analyzing a wine, the color is one of the most striking and distinctive features. Finally, for some types of wine, we touched upon the idea that effervescence can be evaluated too.

In the following part of the meeting, all participants tried to taste two different “Chianti” wines, and together with the wine expert analyzed them. The wines tastes were: “Vignamassima Chianti DOCG 2018” and “Villa di Zano Chianti Classico DOCG 2018”. Both being 100% Sangiovese wines. All together, we tried to describe the sensations aroused by this traditional Tuscan red wines using as guidelines the aspects learned in this masterclass: taste, smell and visual analysis.

Villa di Zano Chianti Classico DOCG 2018

Overall, this masterclass did not only brought the Bocconi Wine Association community together, but also taught the fundamentals of a wine tasting to its members as well as what aspects to look out for when drinking different wines.

Hope you found this analysis of our first Masterclass of the year interesting and to see you soon in our future events!

Emiddio Carbone, B.glad, B.Wine


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