B.Wine Spring Gala 2022


Just as the weather was changing in Milan, B.Wine hosted its first gala in two years. Having last
taken place in 2019, the challenge was to rise to an occasion that most of the team had never
When the doors opened at the Circolo Filologico, guests were met by a red-carpet picture
opportunity, with the backdrop kindly sponsored by CSS. The picture board in the lobby of the
old library proudly presented our guests with an opportunity to make a memory in
quintessentially black tie style. The board was also giving thanks to all of the incredible sponsors
who made the night a rare success.
Once the fanfare of the entrance was concluded, guests were presented with the first glass of the
evening. Starting strong with a time honored favorite, the cuvee Möet Imperial set the tone for
the evening to come. The traditional champagne assemblage of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and
Chardonnay complemented the black tie event and demonstrated that B.Wine is developing
beyond its roots of an Italian wine association.
The second wine of the evening, a French Grande Dame, was a 2013 Grand Vintage from Möet
et Chandon
. Their patronship elevated the evening to an alluring height and allowed the
audience, our increasingly knowledgeable community of Bocconi wine afficionados, to gain an
understanding of the upper echelons of champagne making. This vintage, disgourged only in
2020, had developed beautiful mature notes of nuts, lemon and peach. It complemented the light
food excellently and surely played the leading role.
After a number of speeches and a heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, the night moved on to the
second course. Elegantly dressed Bocconi students and B.Wine alumni were treated to a four
month oak aged chardonnay from Puglia. The wine, from Cantina San Marzano, Edda, was
bold and floral with a flourish of minerality. Its barrel expression followed later leaving a touch
of oaky sweetness.
Masi took the stage for the next wine. Their Campofiorin (Rosso Veronese) red wine, made
from Corvina, was velvety, and well balanced demonstrating notes of cherry and raspberry
balanced with tobacco. This famed house for its appassimento (drying) style, was the subject of
much discussion. It paired perfectly with the profile of the red meat it accompanied.

Last but not least, Marchesi di Barolo was presented as the last two wines of the night. Its
distinct wines, one red and one white, the quality of both indicative of the breadth of expertise
this winery has accrued since 1830. We have been given the incredibly opportunity to serve to
our guest the multi-awarded red wine Sarmassa 2015, which stuck our fascination. the Nebbiolo
profile demonstrating a host of spices, from liquorish to mint!
Piedmont held some surprises even for the white wine: Alta Langa Bric Amel really impressed
From this point forward, Nonino and Enoteca Dal Bocia take centre stage. Their grappa based
cocktails demonstrating that ancient Italian tradition can be blended wonderfully into the
contemporary art of mixology. With the music crescendoing and bowties being loosened, the
black tie party was now in full swing.
We enjoyed the wine, the music, and eachother’s company so much; one would almost forget
this was the reinaugural B.Wine gala.
Fortunately, the wines we tasted (available on Winelivery) will bring back the memories, and memories will bring us back to that amazing night.

Now, it is important to thank those without whom night would not have been possible.
without the kind contributions from Winelivery, our event sponsor, Leone de Castris and
Marisa Cuomo, our giveaway sponsors, Möet et Chandon, Cantina San Marzano, Centro
Stampa e Servizi Copisteria del tribunale, Marchesi di Barolo, Masi, grappa Nonino and
Enoteca Dal Bocia.
A heartfelt thanks for one of the best events of our association.

B.Wine Board 2021/2022
Our Amazing location
Our guests taking the ritual “beginning of the night” picture


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