Sparkling Wines Masterclass


On november 26th has held his first open masterclass focused on “Sparkling wines”. Everybody attracted was encouraged to attend it.

The two wines required for the masterclass were: Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Le Tose Extra Dry and Oltrepo’ Pavese DOCG Pinot Nero Blanc De Noir Metodo Classico Brut. has also partnered wine the famous app “Winelivery” in order to ensure a 10 € discount for all the participants who would have ordered there. experts also gave in advance some suggestions about food pairings with the wines tasted, such as focaccia or grissini, parmigiano and cold cuts of prosciutto cotto. This was surely a great way to make the tasting more pleasant.

The first wine is made from the vineyard Glera with an 11% of alcohol content. Le Tose is intrusive when smelled, you can clearly smell ripe fruit and spice. When tasted, this wine turns out sapid and not as invasive as when it is smelled. The balance it gives enhances a good gustatory intensity made out of spicy notes and aromatic herbs.

Since Le Tose is a Venetian spumante it is often paired with some typical food of that region: “risi and bisi”, “sarde in saor or late radicchio from Treviso.

Oltrepo’ Pavese DOCG, made out of the vineyard Pinot Nero, it has an 12% of alcohol content and it should be served cold. When smelled it reminds white flowers aromas, yellow fruit and a strong yeast note. When tasted, it gives you a fresh, soft, creamy and well-balanced feelings. The after-aroma is way sweeter, with almond first followed by a riper fruit.

Masterclasses are undoubtfully an exciting and successful way to get in touch with new wines. Wine experts also allow the participants to discover some “wine-tricks”, for instance how to correctly hold a glass of wine or how to open a bottle without hurt yourself. At the end of each tasting there were also some quizzes to realize if you really catch the core of wine tasting.

Such masterclasses are strongly recommended to those who are eager to learn more about wine and is ready to teach something to all of them!, B.glad, B.Wine                  


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