Winery Tourist | Corte Lantieri, a journey into the past of Franciacorta

“Wine prepares the hearts and makes them more ready to passion.” Ovidio (43 a.C. – 17 d.C)

My first tasting experience starts on a sunny day in the region of Franciacorta.

The association had the pleasure to visit the Lantieri Winery, located in one of the nineteen medioeval villages of this region, called Capriolo.

The Lantieri family has produced wines since the 16th century, even if their most important line of wines, the FRANCIACORTA DOCG, dates back only to the 60’s and it corresponds to the period in which they became a real enterprise. In the last decades the business increased a lot, with the opening of a farmhouse, the inauguration of a wine shop, and the exportation of the product to different countries like USA, Japan and Germany.

The secret of their success must lie in the way they make wines, a process untouched since the beginning of their story. After the harvest, the grapes are crushed only with hands, and after that are put in two presses and the result, the grape must, is moved into Inox tanks or into barrels, where it stays for some days to permit the first fermentation. The following step of the process is the second fermentation, in which sugar and some yeast are added to create alcool. The bottles stay untouched for a period from 2 to 60 months, depending on the different types of wines. The process to create the typical wine with bubbles is all natural, and chemical products are not used at all. Lantieri winery prefers “quality to quantity”, all the steps are longer but reflects the passion and care of an ancient winery.

After the visit we had the chance to taste different types of wines, we were presented 4 different specialites: Brut Franciacorta, White and Red Curte Franca and the spearhead of the Company, Satén. The first one has a stronger flavour, with more bubbles and a persistent taste. On the other hand, the Satén is softer in all its parts and it has a more delicate taste and flavour. The difference of tasting between these two wines can be found in the composition itself (the Brut is 90% Chardonnay and 10% Black Pinot, while Satén is 100% Chardonnay).

“From a historical producer here is Satén, the “silkiest“ of Franciacorta wines.. The taste of fresh ripe fruit merges with delicate aromas of freshly baked brioche. Creamy, soft, persuasive… a sensational classic method that fully earns the 90/100 points by Gilbert & Gaillard.”

A short dialogue with our chaperone during the lunch allowed me to discover some interesting information about the family and its business. The quality and the passion that characterizes this Company are in fact nationally recognized and rewarded, they won the 5star Vinitaly 2016 prize for the Franciacorta DOCG Brut millesimato “Arcadia” 2011.

…We all were positively impressed by the passion of this family, by their story and the cult of tradition that they never abandoned during all these years. We not only tasted good wines, we were in contact with a part of this region, visiting its wineyards and enjoying a breathe of history and culture we will never forget…

Michele Frigerio.


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