World Wine Tour: Turkey

Have you ever wondered what there is behind the curtain of the French and Italian wines? We had. 

Together with the Community of International Bocconi Students (CIBS) and the Turkish Student Association (TSA) we had the opportunity to begin a journey into the discovery of the secrets of Turkish wines.
We decided to taste four different wines accompanied by typical Turkish delicacies hosted in the beautiful location of Sisto 3 in Milan. 

The first wine was Yakut, a bright ruby wine. At the nose you can feel an intense aroma of blackberry and raspberry with mineral tones; at the taste it is a dry wine with refreshing acidity and medium body. For our sommelier this was the best wine of the night.


The second one was Ancrya Kalecik Karasi, a ruby-red color of medium intensity. It smells of red barriers, cherry and currant. Instead the taste is very similar to the Yakut, a dry wine with refreshing acidity, smooth and with medium body.


After two red wines here it is a white one: Ancrya Muscat. This wine is made with international grapes, and if you look at it you can see a straw yellow wine. It smells of delicate floral aromas and citrus fruits and, like the others two, it tastes dry, with a flat acidity; moreover, it is well balanced and has a low structure.


The evening was closed by the last wine of the list: Ancrya Merlot. This is a red one, characterized by a ruby color. At the nose it is possible to feel a clear aroma of red fruits and herbal scents (like spices aromas). At the taste you can feel a dry wine, smooth, well-balanced and with a fruity flavour.

We are confident that this was just the first stop of our tasting trip around the world of wines, stay tuned, this adventure is to be continued. 

Michele Frigerio


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