Wine Apps, Our 5 Must-haves


How many times do you come home after a stressful day and you just want to lay on your sofa and drink a pleasant and tasty glass of wine? How many times you do not know how to choose the perfectly suitable wine for your dinner? Sometimes those dreams do no not come true as you do not know how to get your bottle of wine or because you do not  have a handset sommelier.

Recently many startups and people eager to make those dreams come true have developed custom-made apps for wine lovers and not.

Vivino and Wine-searcher

When in need of an advice about the perfect wine for you, you can download and use apps such as Vivino or Wine-searcher. Those two apps allow you to scan a wine label and to have more info about that wine: grape variety, wine-growing regions, point got from critics and many more. Thanks to those apps you can also have your own virtual cellar, bailing out your preferred wines.

Source: Gambero Rosso

They also give you the chance to broaden your horizon, getting you in touch not only with thousands types of wine, but with as many types of beers or Whisky, Cognac, Rhum, Bourbon and everything in between.


As well as you can scan a wine label in a wine shop, Winelivery gives you the chance to have your own wine shop on your electronic device and to receive whatever you choose from the app at home. This app is not still available in all Italian cities, but it covers up a good percentage since it exists from 2016. It was devised by three young under 30 who realized the world of drinking needed to be revolutionized and expanded.

Those apps have undergone an exponential growth, people all over Italy are getting used to pick up their drinks from their phones istead of going to a wine shop or supermarket. This aspect may be damaging for wine shop owners, but it surely illustrates how startups are becoming way more creative and successful.

Source: Il Messaggero

Bibenda 2019

Another useful app for wine lovers is Bibenda 2019, the mobile version of the FIS’ (Italian foundation for sommeliers) official guide. Available only upon payment, it offers a wide range of labels’ news, and it puts forward an interactive map pointing out in which shops or restaurant you can find a peculiar bottle. It is worth highlight that the same services are available for oil and grappa.


To conclude, Hellovino is the ideal app for wine and food-pairing lovers. Available only in English, this app is perfect for figure out the ideal food pairings to your wine. Furthermore, by scanning the label it is possible to both receive information and buy the bottle straight out from the app store.

Source: Hello Vino

Wine apps have undoubtfully modified our way to conceive a drink. Those apps have allowed people to became fine wine experts and to drink on their own, with their friends or family without having to do neither a step out their home. In so doing, a good knowledge about labels will be spread and drinking will became way easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s sit on your sofa, scan your labels and drink!

Camilla Lupoli


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