WWT: Discovering Bulgaria


The last stop of the World Wine Tour led us to the discovery of an area for most unknown but equally fascinating: Bulgaria. The tasting turned into an opportunity to learn more about this Nation not only from an oenological but cultural, landscape and historical point of view. Our journey began thanks to Ivan and Grigorianna’s passion for their wine and land that we had the pleasure to embrace with them.

Bulgarian Heritage is the name of the first wine we tasted, a Dimyat from the Karabunar Winery. Dymat is an ancient variety of indigenous grapes of Bulgaria, the wines it generates are usually harmonic, dry and fragrant. Bulgarian Heritage is not an exception, presenting a bright yellow colour with greenish shades. Apple, honey and pear are the olfactory notes that are perceived more clearly. Light and slightly saline, could be perfect served cold in combination with a fish dish.

Bulgarian Heritage Dymat

The second wine is the fruit of the union of two varieties of international grapes (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) and the indigenous variety Mavrud. It is Terra Tangra Organic, the first 100% organic wine of Bulgaria, from the homonymous Terra Tangra Wineries. An interesting blend that results in an intense red that can balance notes of berries, cocoa and green tea. The vinification, which takes place in French wooden barrels, gives hints of vanilla.

Terra Tangra Organic

The last glass of the evening was filled with a Mavrud Reserve from the Assenovgrad Winery. In Bulgaria it is believed that Mavrud is the most likely to receive international recognition in the future. It is an indigenous wine variety of the Thracian Valley, one of the two officially recognized wine regions along with the Danubian Plain. It has a late ripening which results in a very intense red wine with pronounced tannins and persistent notes of vanilla and spicy flavours.

Mavrud Riserva

An experience that we hope has succeeded in stimulating the curiosity towards a panorama for many still to be discovered, which has its roots in history and we hope it will take hold at an international level.


Anna Bregola


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