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When I received the task of writing this article, dedicated to the small wallet of an average college student looking for good wines, I thought it would have been an easy task. I started my research going to a discount store, I bought a variety of very cheap wines and tasted them. I was trying to find the right one and make a review of it. However, I discovered that what appeared to be easy was actually not. So I kept going with my research, sure that I would have found a good affordable wine and I did it! The Morellino di Scansano DOCG, a well rounded red wine from the cooperative of Scansano.


The Cantina Cooperativa Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano, founded in 1972, is today formed by 160 members whose vineyards spread over the hills surrounding the village of Scansano, in the province of Grosseto, covering a total of about 600 hectares. This winery was born when a small group of producers from Scansano decided to join their efforts in the production of wine. The group grew fast and in the Eighties, a major decision was made: while other cooperatives decided to focus on quantity, they chose the less beaten path, that of quality. On average, the members have no more than a couple of hectares of vineyards each, which they usually take care of with their families. This allows them to look after their vines with the same care that is usually dedicated to a rose-garden, following the directions received throughout the year by their agronomists.


The wine that I found during my researches in different supermarkets in Milan was the  Morellino di Scansano DOCG, for the very low price of 3,89. I would definitely suggest it because this simple bottle is ideal for an informal dinner with flatmates or friends. Perfect if combined with meat or pasta dishes, this wine has a well rounded, balanced, dry and fruity taste. It should be served between 16 and 18 Celsius degrees in a large glass; the colour is a luminous ruby red. The vineyards are located between 100 and 300 meters above the sea level and the wine is made out mostly (more than 85%) by Sangiovese grapes. The harvest is made during mid/end September from a sandy and silty soil.


Furthermore, if you are looking for a more sophisticated wine, this winery has a very wide choice. It is possible to find elegant and refined wines and it is possible to choose them by type or by the vineyard. The price may increases a bit more of course, but I think It is worth it.

Nicolo` Passoni


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